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  • YG751E Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

    YG751E Constant temperature humidity test chamber manufactured by Wuhan Guoliang Instrument., Ltd. It pass CE requirement, to export to EU market. YG751E chamber is mainly made according to the national standard and user-defined requirements, it simulate the environment to test proformance of material as well as other relevant characteristics of physical at low temperature or high temperature, Through testing to determine product performance whether it is still be able to meet the intended requirements
  • YG611E Xenon Light Fastness Tester

    YG611E Xenon light fastness tester is used for color fastness to light, through the simulation of light, rain, spray, alternating dark and light, temperature and humidity climate conditions, widely used in textile, plastics, paints, coatings, chemical, automotive and other materials.
  • ZN-P8 UV Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

    ZN-P8 UV accelerated weathering test chamber simulates damaging effects of long term outdoor exposure of materials and coatings by exposing test samples to varying conditions of the most aggressive components of weathering - ultraviolet radiation, humidity and heat. A UV weathering test chamber uses fluorescent lamps to provide a radiation spectrum centered in the ultraviolet wavelengths. Moisture is provided by forced condensation, and temperature is controlled by heaters.
  • GL010 Series Salt Spray Test Chamber

    GL010 Series Salt Spray Test chamber is used to the surface treatment of various materials, including paint, electroplating, organic and inorganic coating, antirust oil and so on, after these anti-corrosive treatment to test the corrosion resistance of their products.
  • YG101 Sereis ​Benchtop High Temperature Oven

    YG101 Sereis ​Benchtop high temperature oven is widely used in laboratories, laboratory, telecommunications, plastics, cables, electroplating, metal, optical, plastic products, mold, shoe, spraying, printing, medical, aerospace and other industries and institutions of higher learning.

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