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  • YG461E Filter Paper Air Permeability Tester

    This air permeability tester can be compared to Textest air permeability tester and AKUSTRON air permeability tester, high precision to test. This fabric air permeability tester is used for testing the air permeability property of a variety of textiles,industrial fabrics,non-woven fabrics, industrial filter cloth (paper) ,microporous membranes, papermaking, blankets, coated fabrics, permeable leather, plastic and other chemical products.
  • YG320B Filter Paper Pore Size Tester

    YG320B Filter Paper Pore Size Tester is u​sed to test the filter paper maximum aperture and general aperture.
  • YG033E Automatic bursting strength tester

    YG033E Automatic bursting strength tester is widely applicable to packaging materials, including plain paper, corrugated paper, toilet paper, packaging, tape, leather, cloth, packaging films, etc. It can effectively monitor the quality of the product.
  • GL-1053 Automatic Filter Media Effeciency Tester

    GL-1053 tri-channel filter media effeciency tester are high-end products by us in 1995, and can be used for non-woven filter materials, glass fiber filter material and the test of new filter material filtration efficiency and resistance. Designed according to the following criteria: EN779, EN1822-3: 2009, IEST-RP- CC021.1, and with reference to NIOSH, EN149: 2001, GB19083-2003, ASTM F2101 and other relevant norms, this product has received the guidance of professor from the National Institute of expert clean and Shanghai Tongji University.
  • GL-2000PB Computer Controlled Capillary Flow Porometer

    GL-2000PB Computer Controlled Capillary Flow Porometer is an instrument produced by one Beijing company, used to measure pore size, pore size distribution, gas permeability and other related parameters of the materials with through pore by relying on liquid displacement technology (i.e. bubble pressure principle).
  • GL4.0 Automatic Filter Integrity Tester

    GL4.0 automatic filter integrity tester is the filter material and filter system integrity test of special equipment, it can be bubble point and diffusion flow (forward flow) and packing method, water intrusion test method to detect filtering accuracy and completeness of filter and filtration systems. Test methods meet FDA, National Pharmacopoeia and the GMP standards for sterile filter validation requirements.

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