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Company profile

This company is located in the famous technology area Wuhan Optics Valley and it cooperates with a number of institutes such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University and China University of Geosciences. All these high-tech advantages supported Wuhan Guoliang Instrument Co., Ltd in research & development, manufacturing and marketing of various types of testing instruments which can test materials of yarn, fiber, dyeing and printing, plastics, leather, non-woven, building materials, zippers, tungsten-molybdenum and so on.

This company firmly established the policy of "Integrity-Oriented, Quality Career, Fitch Services Legislation". It sticks to the development model of market, research & development, capital, human resources, management which is combined with cultural over the years. Market management and ERP standard cost management system. Besides, it has a number of talents who are excellent in researching, developing and managing. At present, they have a large collection of instruments with reasonable structure, intelligent control and reliable performance. These products have been sold to enterprises, commodity Inspection Bureaus, scientific research institutes, colleges and schools and overseas as well.

High technology guide, focus on achievements of dreams, beneficial win-win cooperation, Guoliang Instruments would like to work together with friends at home and abroad for mutual benefit and common development. It will dedicate customers to provide cost-effective products and services.

Company Culture

Culture is the soul of an enterprise; it is also the temperamental performance. If a culture is positive, then enterprise is vibrant; or just like a person in his old age without any enthusiasm which indicates the dark future of an enterprise.

“Be honest and Keep faith to customer, creating chances for staff” “Make every member (customers, staffs and shareholders)” – Which is the core values and enterprise aim after many years production and management. Take it as the core of culture and put it into enterprise system, which makes enterprise youthful.

In development of future, Guoliang will still put enterprise culture foundation in a important strategic position, improve enterprise core competitiveness, enrich and perfect characteristic enterprise culture of instrument industry constantly and make excellent enterprise culture become the steady power of the Guoliang development.

Product Quality Assurance

(1)Requirements in business Contract is promised to obey: all items with great quality and amount will be sent to user on time.

(2) User manual, quality certificate, accessories and packing list, ect. as customer requires will be attached inside the standard export wooden case. First party will be informed to pick up the goods within 24 hours after shipping procedures are completed.

(3) After the instrument reach customers company, technician will be arranged for free installation, calibration to make the system operate perfectly.

(4) We can offer free training for first party until they can operate the instrument skilled.

(5) Warranty is 12 month from the date of acceptance of delivery.

(6) Under the warranty period, a solution will be given to customer soon after receiving the quality feedback. A replacement can be sent within 3 days until the customer is satisfied.

(7) Accessories, replacement, fixture are always offered after the warranty period in case of repairing and replacing.


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