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  • YG461E Foam Air Permeability Tester

    This textile fabric air permeability tester can be compared to Textest air permeability tester and AKUSTRON air permeability tester, high precision to test. This fabric air permeability tester is used for testing the air permeability property of a variety of textiles,industrial fabrics,non-woven fabrics, industrial filter cloth (paper) ,microporous membranes, papermaking, blankets, coated fabrics, permeable leather, plastic and other chemical products.
  • YG461E Filter Paper Air Permeability Tester

    Digital air permeability tester is manufactured and designed according to the requirements of relevant standards, such as ISO9237, ASTMD 737, ASTMD 3574,BS5636,DIN 53887, EDANA 1401, EN ISO 7231, GB/T5453-1997, GB/T22819. It is used to test the air permeability of fabrics, plastics, leathers, papers and so on.

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