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YG001E Computer - controlled Single Fiber Strength Tester
Author:whglyq Source:Wuhan Guoliang Instrument Co., Ltd Date:2016-10-31 14:52:34

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I. Applications:

YG001E Computer - controlled Single Fiber Strength Tester applies to test tensile mechanical properties of a variety of natural fibers, chemical fibers, synthetic fibers, special fibers, glass fiber and metal wire and other materials, and test and provide data according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international standards. YG001E Computer - controlled Single Fiber Strength Tester is a two-way control machine, display test data, test curve and printout test report.


II. Standards:

GB/T9997-1988, GB/T4711, GB/T13835.5, GB/T5886, ISO 5079, etc.

III. Features:

1, the international preferred constant velocity elongation (CRE) test principle.
2, the whole body of aluminum alloy shape, refined, high-grade.
3, wondows operating system, computer control, the data format can be freely programmed by the customer, the data can be permanently saved.
4, VC visual programming software, convenient and flexible, easy to customer operation.
5, the number of years of software reliability: eight years (certificate).
6, 24-bit A / D converter, data resolution is high.
7, pneumatic clamping, to avoid the impact of human intervention on the test results.
8, Panasonic servo motor + ball screw, smooth running, precise displacement control, force measurement accuracy.
9, frequent action components are unlimited times, long life.

IV. Main technical parameters:

Maximum test load


Load test error

Class 0.5

Load test sensitivity


Elongation test range


Elongation test resolution


Sampling length

Arbitrarily set



Stretching speed


Data processing capacity


Data transmission


Human - computer interaction

wondows xp

Data display

1, 5 digit display breaking strength (cN)

2, 4 digit display stretched length (mm)

3, 3 digit display elongation (%)

4, 3 digit display rupture time (s)

5, 3 digits display the total number of tests, the number of samples and test number of test specimens currently

Power consumption

AC220V±10%  50Hz  100W

Instrument dimensions





Mobile station two-dimensional

WeChat working platform for
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