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YG605 Ironing And Sublimation Tester
Author: Source: Date:2016-11-02 10:08:04

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I. Applications: 

YG605 Textile colour fastness to sublimation tester is used to determine color fastness and shrinkage to hot pressing and dry heat and to conduct sublimation tests. Providing controlled conditions of dry heat and pressure with top and bottom heated surfaces, electronic temperature controller and carefully controlled top plate weight. Two plate size options are available. See below for more details.


II. Standards:

AATCC 117    AATCC 92   AATCC 114   AATCC 133   ISO 105-P01   ISO 105-X11


III. Technical parameters:

Test method

Sublimation (two-sided heating)

Ironing (single-sided heating)

Heating plate area


Test pressure


Test temperature

Room temperature~250

Test time



Host machinebox190×270×150mm



AC220V   50Hz


Mobile station two-dimensional

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