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YG461E Foam Air Permeability Tester
Author:whglyq Source:Wuhan Guoliang Instrument Co., Ltd Date:2016-11-05 09:49:17

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I. Applications: 

This textile fabric air permeability tester can be compared to Textest air permeability tester and AKUSTRON air permeability tester, high precision to test. This fabric air permeability tester is used for testing the air permeability property of a variety of textiles,industrial fabrics,non-woven fabrics, industrial filter cloth (paper) ,microporous membranes, papermaking, blankets, coated fabrics, permeable leather, plastic and other chemical products.


II. Standards: 

ASTM D737 - 04(2012) Standard Test Method for Air Permeability of Textile Fabrics.

ISO 9237 Textiles. Determination of the permeability of fabrics to air.  
ASTM D123 Terminology Relating to Textiles. 
ASTM D1776 Practice for Conditioning and Testing Textiles.

ASTM D 3574-2008 Standard Test Methods for Flexible Cellular Materials—Slab. 
ASTM D2904 Practice for Interlaboratory Testing of a Textile Test Method that Produces Normally Distributed Data. 
ASTM D2906 Practice for Statements on Precision and Bias for Textiles. 
ASTM D4850 Terminology Relating to Fabrics and Fabric Test Methods. 
ASTM F778 Methods for Gas Flow Resistance Testing of Filtration Media. 
ISO 5636-5 specifies the Gurley method of determining the air permeance of paper and board.


III. Features:

1. Full test scale, automatic detection permeability tests of various specimens.

2. Mirco-computer automatic control, fast test within 60s.

3. Program supported language:  English LCD display and English software.

4. Data port: RS232 printout interface and computer controlled interface.

5. Adopt imported pressure sensor, to ensure accuracy of the data collected.

6. Units of measure: mm/s, L/m2/s, ft3/ft2/min, cm3/cm2/s, m3/m2/min, m3/m2/h.

7. Computer control software, real-time display test curve and statistical analysis data, calculate maximum, minimum, average and CV value.

7. Can be locked using universal pulley, easy to move.

8. Use a retractable working bench, to facilitate the work, does not occupy space.


IV. Technical Parameter:


YG461E fabric air permeability tester

Operation mode

English display panel and computer analysis software

Pressure difference range


Air permeability rate measuring range 


Measure accuracy


Sample thickness


Suction air volume control

data feedback ,dynamic adjustment

Sample area setting circle



38 cm2




11 pcs

Printout mode

Print out A4 paper test data


Ac220V±10V  50Hz   1200W







Mobile station two-dimensional

WeChat working platform for
two-dimensional code access link
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