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YG320B Filter Paper Pore Size Tester
Author:whglyq Source:Wuhan Guoliang Instrument Co., Ltd Date:2016-11-07 16:42:45

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I. Application:

YG320B Filter Paper Pore Size Tester is used to test the filter paper maximum aperture and general aperture.

II. Features:

Test principle: one side of the filter paper is immersed according to the prescribed height, the other side of the dry air is applied to micro-pressure, the bubble overflow when the air through the filter paper and the pressure greater than the other side. The first bubble is characterized by the maximum pore size of the filter paper, and the group bubble phenomenon is the general pore size. The pore size of the filter material can be calculated according to the micro pressure value of the bubble.

III. Related standards:

ISO4003   ISO2942   GB/T 2679.14-1996  QC/T794-2007

IV. Main technical parameters:

 the maximum bubbling pressure


  the minimum bubbling pressure


  Filtration accuracy range

  1μm~80μm(can be extended by replacing the    differential pressure gauge )

  Test liquid

  Isopropyl alcohol (preferred), industrial ethanol


  AC220V 50Hz

  Rated power







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